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The Wonderful World of Thrift Part 2


10 Thrift Commandments

I've been thrifting for years, way before Macklemore. Since high school, these shops have been my source for my magnum opus of outfits. From my jersey collection, to my hat collection, to my large collection of windbreakers, I thanks stores like MyUnique and Goodwill for keeping my closet stocked with all of the flyest vintage... Continue Reading →

AfroPunk Music Festival

As the weather is beginning to break, allow me to take you back to last summer of 2016. I had the pleasure to travel over the George Washington Bridge to Barry Commodore Park in Brooklyn, NY. I cam to Commodore Park on the morning of August 26th to indulge in independent music, melanin, and sheer... Continue Reading →

ka$hmirviii is def worth the $$$

A friend of mine text me a week before my birthday and said "I have purchased the dopest s#*% for you for your bday, you're welcome in advance.". The rest is history. ┬áMy homegirl presented me a square cardboard case, so I immediately knew it was artwork. Now she knows better than anyone, since we... Continue Reading →

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