AfroPunk Music Festival

As the weather is beginning to break, allow me to take you back to last summer of 2016. I had the pleasure to travel over the George Washington Bridge to Barry Commodore Park in Brooklyn, NY. I cam to Commodore Park on the morning of August 26th to indulge in independent music, melanin, and sheer Afrocentric glory at AfroPunk Brooklyn. Dubbed by many as the “Black Woodstock”, AfroPunk was just that, a display raw, uncut, and unsolicited black arts from independent musicians, craftsman, and even those specializing in the culinary art.


From the minute you step foot into Barry Commodore Park until the final performers exits the stage, there is an aura that resonates throughout the park. Maybe it is the freedom and liberation that cultivates through the vibrant outfits and costumes of festival goers, or even the sheer free spirit and hate free motto that all goers pledged before entering the festival. It could even be a result from the sheer pride in culture or the sun rays glowing against everyone. Whatever it may have been, the festival was above expectations when I was first introduced to the festival as an “Black Woodstock”.


I even enjoyed the vast variety of acts whom performed. Some standout acts were punk rock band Fish Bone, R&B songstress and dancing queen Janelle Monae, and west coast gangsta rap pioneer Ice Cube, whom brought out a few members of NWA and his own son for a Straight Outta Compton reunion. Although I was only able to attend one day of the two day festival in 2016, I do look forward to attending both days in 2017. Some acts to look forward to are SZA, Sampha, The Cool Kids, Soul II Soul, Willow Smith, Macy Gray and many more.



peace X hapiness


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