ka$hmirviii is def worth the $$$

A friend of mine text me a week before my birthday and said “I have purchased the dopest s#*% for you for your bday, you’re welcome in advance.”. The rest is history.  My homegirl presented me a square cardboard case, so I immediately knew it was artwork. Now she knows better than anyone, since we grew up with one another, that I liked old school stuff. So I was wondering as to what classic piece of artwork was in this packaging. And upon me opening it, it was just as dope as she said it was.


First and foremost, I was surprised that a lot of folks knew about A Different World because its often slept on. Secondly, I had to find out immediately who made these pieces because I had a feeling that there had to be more nostalgic pieces of art. So I found the artist, Ms. Kashmir Thompson- IG: kashmirviii -.

To my satisfaction, Kashmir had a wide variety of artwork and original pieces from all of your favorite shows like Martin, A Different World, and Living Single, to cult classic movies like Juice and Friday and even hood classics like Belly. So I would definitely recommend her to all of you who are into arts. #SupportBlackBiz



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