back to tha bASICS

Alot of people know me as a big fan of classic things from clothing to shoes, especially shoes. While everyone was rushing to get the new foamposites, I was on my way to footlocker to pick up the kamikazes that just came out, or the OG black and white shaqnosis, even an occasional pair of retro Jordan aqua 8s. Apart of me was fascinated in reliving my favorite era, especially when it came to the over-sized basketball sneakers with a nice windbreaker and a snap-back hat to match. But as I grew older, I had a slight change of hearts.

I started to move the basketball sneakers, especially the Reeboks, for the summer when I don my cut off denim shorts and basketball jerseys. But I still had to figure out what I was to wear in the Fall and winter when I trade in my basketball jerseys and tank tops for flannel shirts and bomber jackets. So after constant trials with Air Jordan 1s and Adidas, I came across the world of Asics shoes.


Now a lot of folks probably remember Asics as the low budget running shoes that you would often see for a low price on shelves in large retail stores such as Walmart, Kmart, or Target. But now these shoes have revamped and are probably the utmost stylish low-top running sneaker I have seen in a while since Air Max. What makes it even better is that these stylish  gems are affordable. I happened to catch both of mine from Kick USA for an price of roughly $70. These are the exact sneakers ideal for the winter time fly, suited for a nice jacket, distressed jeans and t-shirt combo. Or even a nice collared polo shirt. These can even double up for when the weather and you find yourself trading in your jeans for jean shorts.


And to add to their season versatility, the variety of colorways is what caught me the most. From the simplest solid 1 color shoe, to a vibrant salmon and green combination, the creators of Asics definitely know how to piece together a shoe. This is definitely a must have for the “On A Budget Fly” individuals like myself.




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